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  • Mares Instinct Pro vinnen
    Mares Instinct Pro vinnen

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Instinct Pro
    The tapered-section blade and micro-ribs, paired with a new technopolymer, achieve optimal results in both power and thrust modularity, optimizing performance. The tapered lateral ribs make the blade…

    € 69,00 € 35,00
  • Mares Razor Pro (420401)
    Mares Razor Pro (420401)

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Razor Pro
    The innovative Razor fins deliver the best performance among all technopolymer fins currently on the market. They are a benchmark for the most demanding freedivers and spearfishermen.

    € 99,00 € 65,00
  • Mares Razor Carbon (420403)
  • Mares mask Star Liquidskin
    Mares mask Star Liquidskin


    Star LiquidSkin
    The Star LiquidSkin uses a Bi-silicone skirt that capitalizes on the exclusive Mares LiquidSkin® patent to achieve unbeatable comfort, durability, and light weight.

    € 59,00 € 40,00
  • Mares Mask Star Elite
    Mares Mask Star Elite

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Star Elite
    Mask created specifically for spearfishing and freediving, offering a better field of vision paired with the smallest possible volume, thanks to the angled lenses and the extremely reduced eye-lens…

    € 55,00 € 40,00
  • Mares Samurai Extrem (421450)
    Mares Samurai Extrem (421450)

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Samurai Extrem
    The shape and diameter of the Samurai snorkel prevent any air turbulence inside the breathing tube. Its anatomical shape improves hydrodynamics. Anatomical mouthpiece in hypoallergenic silicone.…

    € 19,00 € 16,50
  • Mares Sokken Flex 50 Ultrastretch (422656)
    Mares Sokken Flex 50 Ultrastretch (422656)

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Socks Flex Ultrastretch
    Socks in neoprene, smooth outside, lined inside, sole and heel with reinforced lining. Preformed cut for maximum comfort and heat retention.Sizes: XS/S - M/L - XL/XXL

    € 21,00 € 14,70
  • Mares Back Pack Black (425861 )
    Mares Back Pack Black (425861 )

    Fabrikant: Mares


    Modular backpack for perfect weight distribution. Its anatomical shape provides a

    better fit. Special handy weight compartments with openings for water drainage.

    Option to change the buoyancy with…

    € 40,00 € 20,00
  • Mares Buoy Tech Torpedo (423928)
    Mares Buoy Tech Torpedo (423928)

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Buoy Tech Torpedo

    € 42,00
  • Mares Buoy Apnea (425711)
    Mares Buoy Apnea (425711)

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Buoy Apnea

    € 29,00
  • Mares Bag Attack Fins
    Mares Bag Attack Fins

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Attack Fins Bag
    Dedicated for fins with long blades. External document pouch. Can carry your gear for snorkeling or training in the pool.
    Dimensions: 95 x 25 cm

    € 32,00
  • Mares Pure Instinct Bag Attack Titan (425550)
    Mares Pure Instinct Bag Attack Titan (425550)

    Fabrikant: Mares pure instinct

    Attack Titan
    Spacious 1100 denier Nylon bag that can carry 100 kg.Heat-sealed bag with no stitching. Adjustable handles are attached by snap hooks to welded base plates.
    Side purge…

    € 79,00 € 63,20
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    Smart Apnea Dive Computer (424153)

    Smart Apnea Dive Computer (424153)Smart Apnea Dive Computer

    De nieuwe Smart apneu vertegenwoordigt de evolutie van de Nemo Apneist, steeds de benchmark duikcomputer voor de meest veeleisende spearvissers en freedivers.


    € 279,00
  • Mares Nose Clip Apnea
    Mares Nose Clip Apnea

    Fabrikant: Mares

    Freediving Nose Clip Apnea

    € 29,90 € 24,65
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